Dry and Fold

Dry & Fold Service: (Temporarily not offering this service during Covid-19)

You put your laundry in the washer and get it started.  We take it out and do the rest . . .

  •   Clothes are fluffed before put into dryer to minimize wrinkles.
  •   Fabric softener is used during the wash and drying cycles.
  •   Each load is checked for complete dryness.
  •   Items are immediately removed from dryer to avoid wrinkles.
  •   Items are meticulously folded.
  •   Socks are matched and folded in pairs.
  •   Like Garments are folded, sorted and stacked for easy storage.
  •   Clothes are packed to prevent wrinkling.
  •   Shirts and delicates are hung on hangers.